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Monday July 8 2002
Milky Way
Lounge & Lanes JP

Together they went from the small art galleries of Boston to concert stages around the globe. radio Pu had record and merchandising sales rivaling the biggest bands in music history, but their rush to superstardom, they say, left them on the brink of sanity.

Idolized and adored, mocked and ridiculed, they were the neo-dada kings of 3D radio who proved that massive success can sometimes spell disaster. radio Pu. The story Behind the Muzak.

by Mar Von Janko

Producing the radio pÜ show was really one of the best of the Behind the Music gigs. I had five nights in London, a night in Brighton on the southern shore of England and a night in a 13th century Scottish castle in Edinburgh. The biggest challenge really was catching every word the New England gang was saying. Despite nearly a decade of international superstardom, they were holding fast to their thick Jamaica Plain brogues. But somehow we got through it, and in the editing, found what we hoped were the most intelligible sound bites. what a night.

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