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Well there Pü fans + foes ... just droppin' in with a smidgin' of news about all the talented folks from Radio Pü ... the Pü Players as we say in the neo-dada live radio theatre industry

if it seems like the Pü Crew just went & fell off the face of the earth, disappearing from the universe of live + recorded neo-dada werks ... well, to be completely honest, uhm ... huh ... i guess we did disappear for a bit, but the Pü Crew are all alive + well + working on various projects, some very Pü-related ... others entirely different. But here's the scoop of Pü for ya ... hope you enjoy ;]

rosS is out in New Mexico with Lesley ... livin' large ... teachin' lots of mad guitar + spreadin' the Pü vibe i'm sure ... and also involved in many projects that you can keep up with at his blog. Check out rosS' website to witness the interdisciplinary creative flow ... writings, art, music, sculpture, sound, drawings and other thangs ...

Ethan is like all over the board as usual ... ya know? Besides his epic appearances with his infamous EM Solo Bass Orchestra, Ethan also helps bring it to The Boston League of Women Wrestlers and he is also tightly entwined w/ The Collective { hopefully appearing at The Salem Poetry Happening in October to perform The Haiku of Horror }

Deb Mascara continues to percuss and perform in the Boston area and beyond with Sitar Tabla Power, Group of 9, Beware the Haberdash and The Fnckinghams. Deb and Lou enjoy rockin' out as Group of 9 at The Outloud Open Mike at The Beebe Estate in Melrose ... and typically bring a good blend of acoustic rock, theatricalities, performance art and spokenword to the venue ... some songs, I won't lie, derive from Clyve + the management's Superstore America Tour. It's all good though ... aight?

Lee Todd Lacks transplanted hisself up to South Portland, Maine a little ways back there. He records and performs from his cozy Northern bungalow and practices as a music therapist. Lee Todd performed w/ Deb and Lou in Clyve + the management and has appeared at Scara's Night Out at The Lizard Lounge in Cambridge and out and about in the Greater New England area. Some of his recordings can be downloaded from Thank You Dubya.

Ned Armsby drums his little heart out with tons of JP and Boston based outfits including The Invisible Rays and the Cha Cha Cha Allstars { to name just a fingerfull, eh? }. Ned laughed so hard at certain scenes from the film The Anchorman that we thought he might need some sort of hospitalization ... but as it turns out, he's just allergic to DVDs. You gotta, gotta, gotta go see The Invisible Rays ... aight? Check 'em out!

SiNuS BRaDy is woven up into his own tech | poetry twilight world as is usual ... workin' for the man at a certain undisclosed corporation ... sneaking in as much poetry-writing activities in the air-conditioned server room as humanly possible. And it's a cold, cold world at that. Rumor has it SiNuS will be appearing at The 119 Gallery in Lowell for a round of 'Stand Up | no comedy' ... check out his site for futher details as they arrive.

well well well ::: after a veritable pü streak at the 2003 springtiMe performaNce series 'Scara's Night Out' — it appears that radio pü is taking an official hiatus ::: please do stop by for aNy news regarding the pü players in their upcoming performaNce adventures out & about iN their various undisclosed locations around the globe { but mostly in the Boston & Greater Cambridge and Jamaica Plain areas }

For the last 3 years radio Pü has taken the old time radio theater concept off of its dusty shelf and reintroduced it for the new millenium in a live performance setting. Borrowing cues from entertainment traditions over the past 60 years, radio Pü provides a seamless slew of music, comedy, satire and performance art with live musicians, sound effects and audience participation.

The project originated in 1995 when artistic director rosS Hamlin was a student at Berklee College of Music. Originally from Minnesota, he presented numerous radio theater sendups in the tradition of Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion and Orson Welles' Mercury Theater. Using a more urban and funky approach, radio Pü's material is also influenced by several other approaches to live entertainment that affected the X Generation's worldview.


Okay ... these little pics below actually pre-date The Pü Milky Way Residency and other Boston-area appearances. Prior to Radio Pü, rosS' roving mixed-media production company OpeN FauceT put on an enclave of shows that brought any and all artforms together into a veritable art fandango festival ... a sort of cross-sectional interspace between here and there, when and why, between howdy and 'hi there, hello!' ... see if you can identify the OF Staff members pictured below :::

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