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rosS Hamlin ((1970-2012) director: voice, guitar, sfx) started his career in faux-radio stylings at Berklee in 1995. After a few years of various mixed-media shenanigans he picked up the project again in 2000 and founded radio Pü. He was the director of Open FauceT productions and a member of the resident artists group at Mobius. He also teaches guitar and plays with dogs and trance dances and cooks bad-ass curry dishes for people who smell nice. Don't forget to check out Jacko n' Noam ... aight?


Lee Todd Lacks (voice, clarinet, sfx) seeks to relate his peculiar worldview by incorporating spontaneous song with spoken word. He has performed as a soloist and as a member of various ensembles at venues throughout the Boston area. Lee Todd holds a masters in ethnomusicology from Tufts University and a masters in expressive therapies from Lesley University. At present, he performs with the New Music Ensemble at Tufts, on occasion with radio Pü and even more infrequently with Clyve + the management. Lee Todd's latest creation 'Low Vision Biker' is now available on CD — so drop him an email to pick it up.


Ethan Mackler (voice, bass, sfx) After garnering up many hours on the Harvard Square circuit, bass guitarist Ethan Mackler holds down the bottom of radio Pü. Loathed by some, loved by others, his credits include work with Boston Rock Opera, Not The Beatles, the appears-to-be-burgeoning shock poetry troupe The Collective, The Valhalla Kittens as well as The Ethan Mackler Solo Bass Orchestra. And let's not forget Mr. Mackler's love of any event even nearly-affiliated with trashy rock and full-out lady wrestling ... our dear, sweet little Ethan is now smacked out on the BLOWW ... aka ... Boston League Of Women Wrestlers. Click and visit them at

Favorite beverage: water


Deb Rubin Mascara (tabla, percussion, voice) must have been destined to be in radio Pü, since she adapted and directed a theatrical production of the novel The Tao of Pooh (er, Pü) while studying drama and iconicity at Tufts University. Deb played tabla and percussion in several avante groups in Boston, including her original duet, Sitar Tabla Power, and did backup screaming in a local band. She studied tabla with guru Jerry Leake after bringing her drums back from India where she lived at a Buddhist monastery. Deb is currently recording a tabla track on an upcoming CD, playing with STP and Clyve + the management, and developing a television sitcom. Deb is also known as "the voice of Tufts." Check out for more.


SiNuS BRaDy ( WPUR station manager, voice, database administration ) is a Boston area database administrator and poet. He is involved in the online international poetry + art eZiNe BijaXOuS suPpleMente, HaikuMachine, and keeps up his own website complete with bloggings to recount in 'e' format the strange goings on in both his life & in the world around us. Recent experimentation with online behavior modification techniques have led SiNuS to help develop The Behavior Modification Development Research Group with a team of rocket surgeons & MiT affiliated scientists.

Jennifer Bliss, flute, winds, voice
Ned Armsby, drums, voice
Matt Graber, drums, voice, sfx
Phil Clements, keyboards, voice
J.Schuster, Foley Artist, Freeform DJ, Scatological Muse
Ed Nicholson, drums, voice, sfx
Rebecca Cline, keyboards, piano, prepared piano
Christopher McIntyre, trombone, voice
Ajda Snyder, flute, voice, sfx
Ryan Potter, drums, sfx
Jonathan Hindmarsh, bass, singing saw, voice


Burlesque Revival Association, comedy, dance and titillation
Jon Damian, Rubbertellie
Marjorie Morgan, voice
Shoe, banjolin, voice
Tom Plsek, trombone
John Voigt, pogostick bass
Jacaloca, guitar/bass duo
Zero Times Infinity, misc. improv electronics

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